Licensing Expo

All this time I’ve been trying to figure out how I would make photography lucrative. The solutions I’ve come up with are good ones, however, I feel as though the only I would be able to be successful and in demand is by compromising why I do what I do. For a while this was upsetting and then I remembered while making a costume for Halloween how much I love making things.

Here’s a picture of me with my handmade costume on taken with my iPhone. I was a parrot for Halloween! ^_^

I think it would be amazing to create little pieces of functional art for people to buy. I would create the blue print and have a manufacturing company reproduce it for me. From there I could sell it on an account or perhaps open my own shop up. I then started researching how I could make this happen and I was led to which is a convention artists go to with their brand to find people who will help produce and license what they have to offer.

It would probably take me about a year to prepare for my first convention so I can prepare a line of products. I’m in the process of branding what I’m doing as well and want to be super prepared before I go!

If you are here looking for your photograph from last week those will be up some time tonight or tomorrow.



“The Camera Cannot Lie, Neither Can It Tell The Truth. It Can Only Transform.” – Johnathan Greene

This quote from Johnathan Greene’s American Photography, really resonates with me. Sometimes it puts my mind at ease, but most of the time I become more confused. I understand the world differently through the lens of a camera… I see that in my photographs, but for a while I thought I was gaining some level of truth. Now, I question if what I gain from photography is a different reality. A different sliver in time represented in an artistic form. That is frustrating to me and I often times find myself believing what I see in my pictures.

However, the trasnformative relationship photography has with the world is incredible. I admire it dearly and know this quality is what guides me through understanding many things and experiences in this world.