Art is my passion. Through art, especially photography, I am able to see the world in a whole new light. Sometimes I am left with more questions, sometimes I see things more clearly. I am able to spend time observing and learning about situations and people in a way that is intimate and lasting. I’ve discovered many complex psychologies and experienced many relationships. I know more about myself and what makes me feel whole but I’m not yet satisfied.

Im terribly hungry for more knowledge… I yearn to understand, even if it’s to a small degree, about all things in this world. Art is my guide and I am going to use this blog as my personal record, my journal, my sketchbook, and my portfolio. Im excited to hear from others of all kind with the same appreciation for art and look forward to growing from our interaction.

Let us tap into each others intellect and enjoy the beauty art has to offer us.

Photographed & Printed by Daniela Mitchell – Silver Gelatin 2 x 3.5



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