My Ideal Darkroom

My ideal darkroom would be in the basement of an older home on the East coast. I’m not sure where yet, but one of the basement walls would be exposed brick and the floor would be concrete. The other walls would be painted black or covered with a fun wallpaper that is mostly black… that way when I turn the lights on I’ll still enjoy the space! I’d put laminate flooring down to look like wood. I think laminate is great because it’s relatively inexpensive and easy to replace if damaged. Unlike wood… I would hate to spill developer on it because it would soak right in and leave a stain.

My sink would be long with a hose and a sectioned corner to hold my prints before being washed. The sink would be made of stainless steel so it lasts long and there would be storage under the sink for things like chemicals and paper towels and such. I would of course have an enlarger with several lenses and negative carriers. I like hanging my prints to dry the most, so I think I would have a simple clothespins-on-a-string kind of thing hanging above the sink.

I think it would be so awesome to have a sectioned off area or the option to section the light tight area with a heavy black curtain so that if I want to view my prints right away I don’t have to go upstairs to look at it. There would be an inner ring of heavy curtains and a little space between for another ring of curtains so I could easy come in and out without light leak.

There would be a place for me to lounge in a hanging chair (I’ve always wanted on of those! I wonder if they are as comfortable as they seem) with lots of pillows. There would a couch in this space as well so that if I have visitors they have a place to sit. In front of that space I want to have a very large pin board for me to view my prints hung up. I imagine it taking up almost an entire wall.

I would probably store my prints in this space as well in chests with many thin drawers. Speaking of drawers… I would absolutely LOVE to utilize the space under the staircase down by installing drawers into them. I’m a sucker for have lot’s of pockets in bags and options to put things places for storage like drawers!

Any suggestions would be awesome! Next year I’ll be moving into an older house and want to be sure I pick one that will accommodate my wants!

Attached is a PDF of some pictures I’ve gathered that inspired me. This picture list will keep expanding so if you’re interested keep checking back! Their sources can be found on my Pinterest page @ on my board labeled as MY IDEAL STUDIO/ DARKROOM

pics for ideal darkroom


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